QFR18: Suspension design

Queen’s Formula Racing entered uncharted waters last September by assigning the role of suspension design to a third-year project group. As part of their group projects, the six team members were tasked with the design of a suspension system that would improve QFR’s performance at Formula Student UK. Initial research into QFR17’s performance suggested that... Continue Reading →

QFR18: Anti-roll bar design

Queen’s Formula Racing’s performance in Formula Student 2017 was one of its strongest in recent years. Topping the timesheet in the acceleration run was a highlight but the team was let down by disappointing times in the skid-pad event. This marked a clear development path for QFR18, to improve the car’s handling. In a bid... Continue Reading →

QFR18: Chassis development

The QFR18 chassis is an evolution of Queen's Formula Racing's successful 2017 chassis. Rather than a complete revolution, it is built on the strengths of last year’s design, which helped QFR achieve seventh position at last year's Formula Student UK competition. The chassis team’s main objectives were to reduce mass and increase stiffness while accommodating a... Continue Reading →

QFR18: Steering system

Improved driveability and mass reduction was Queen’s Formula Racing’s focus for this year’s steering assembly. Mechanical Engineering students, Thomas McMullan and Sean Young, were responsible for the design of the steering system that will feature for QFR at Formula Student UK in July. Using steering geometries to reduce the steering weight, reducing the system’s mass... Continue Reading →

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