QFR launches 2018 Formula Student challenger

Queen’s Formula Racing unveiled its latest Formula Student car in front of Queen’s University’s Lanyon Building on Monday afternoon. QFR18 will compete in Formula Student UK at Silverstone Circuit on 13-15 July. QFR has a long history with the competition, first entering in 2000. The team finished seventh overall last year after topping the acceleration … Continue reading QFR launches 2018 Formula Student challenger

QFR18 makes its track debut

On Monday afternoon Queen’s Formula Racing tested its latest Formula Student challenger on track for the first time. After nine months designing, manufacturing and assembling the single-seater racecar the whole team was relieved to see it running smoothly at Nutts Corner Circuit. Earlier that day QFR18 was scrutineered at Queen’s University Belfast to ensure it … Continue reading QFR18 makes its track debut

QFR partners with recruitment specialist Vickerstock

Queen’s Formula Racing is delighted to announce its partnership with Vickerstock for Formula Student 2018. The deal is essential for the team to fund the cost of bringing 25 students to the competition in England. Vickerstock’s expertise in engineering recruitment also brings an additional benefit to the students at Queen’s University Belfast as they seek … Continue reading QFR partners with recruitment specialist Vickerstock

QFR18 is alive

For the last three weeks, Queen’s Formula Racing has been aiming to run QFR18 on the dyno so a variety of new components could be tested well in advance of the Formula Student competition. After a few leaks and loose connections, finally today, the new engine was successfully installed, running up to temperature and idled … Continue reading QFR18 is alive

QFR update

With the exams now coming to an end the assembly of QFR18 will begin on Monday. 95% of parts have already been manufactured. Manufactured parts include: Uprights Hubs Wishbones Pull-rods Rockers Anti-roll bars Fuel tank Dry sump tank Seat Floor panels Before assembly, steel components like the wishbones will be black oxidised to protect them from corrosion. … Continue reading QFR update