Queen’s Formula Racing is now in the transition phase to incorporate electric drive into the car. The aim is to run a QFR-E car at Formula Student 2020. Technical specifications: Four hub-mounted motors provide 37kW and 21 Nm at each wheel, Single gear ratio of 15:1 The accumulator (battery) will be a hybrid of lithium … Continue reading QFR20?


Building on the success of QFR17, Queen's Formula Racing designed its 2018 Formula Student challenger with improved handling in mind. The team reaped its rewards, finishing fourth in the UK and ninth overall at Formula Student UK. Although the team didn't manage to repeat its success in the Acceleration event it made progress in the … Continue reading QFR18


Seventh overall in Formula Student UK was a just reward for Queen’s Formula Racing after a big effort from the team in 2017. A move back to a spaceframe chassis resulted in a reduction in overall mass and complemented QFR’s exceptional engine to gain top honours in the acceleration event. Formula Student 2017 Competition results: … Continue reading QFR17


A wishbone failure frustratingly ended the team’s hopes in the endurance event after eight laps as the car completed all other dynamic events. However, QFR16 proved to be an important test vehicle post-competition, greatly contributing to the success of the 2017 car. The biggest change for the 2016 car was the introduction of 10″ wheels. … Continue reading QFR16


Returning to Formula Student after two years out, Queen's Formula Racing struggled with a clutch failure after failing the brake test in scrutineering. Formula Student 2015 Competition results: N/A Technical specifications: 233.5kg Carbon composite chassis Redesigned front chassis with side-mounted spring-dampers Double wishbone, pull-rod front suspension Redesigned uprights and side-pods


Queen's Formula Racing finished a disappointing 38th in 2012 following steering arm failure in the endurance event. Formula Student 2012 Competition results: 38th Overall Technical specifications: Chassis Carbon fibre monocoque chassis Tubular rear chassis, mild steel Tubular rear sub-frame, mild steel Brakes Outboard custom stainless steel discs Wilwood single-pot calipers Adjustable brake bias Suspension Double … Continue reading QFR12


Sixth in the endurance event was the highlight for Queen's Formula Racing in 2011 as it finished 26th overall. Formula Student 2011 Competition results: 26th Overall Technical specifications: Chassis Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis Tubular rear sub-frame, mild steel Unstressed engine Brakes Twin outboard discs on front and rear Wilwood single pot calipers Adjustable brake bias Suspension … Continue reading QFR11