David Coulthard: Motorsport brings people together

Belfast is preparing for a night of Formula 1 under the lights of Chichester Street. One of Formula 1’s most popular teams, Red Bull Racing, has brought its 2012 title-winning car, the V8-powered Red Bull RB8, for the street demo.

13-time Grand Prix winner, David Coulthard is responsible for entertaining the Belfast crowds while controlling the high-revving 780 bhp beast along what is set to be a slippery street circuit. The ex-F1 racer turned broadcaster is glad to be back in Belfast and revealed his desire to put on a good performance.

“It’s great because Red Bull is putting a car, which is a piece of engineering art, loud and powerful, up close to the public,” said Coulthard. “You wouldn’t even get as close as this in places like Monte-Carlo.

“With the Red Bull style matched with typical Irish hospitality, I expect this to be one of the friendliest and most engaging events of the year.”


Speaking ahead of the Belfast event Coulthard explained that Red Bull’s live F1 events serve more than just Formula 1 fans.

“It’s not just about motorsport,” said Coulthard. “These events are great for local communities even if they’re not Formula 1 or motorsport fans.

“It’s a great celebration of technology, and sport, as we know, brings people together, it takes people on a journey.

“There will be a generation of young people in Belfast that will see a Formula 1 car for the first time which could inspire them to be involved in engineering or something associated to motorsport.

“As an ex-sportsman, I enjoy being behind the wheel, but this sport is so much more engaging and diverse than just human and machine going around a race track.

“It brings people together and in the Red Bull team, there is a diverse range of nationalities, men and women who contribute to a car that turns out to be a winning car. Whether it be engineering, strategy, mechanicing, design, media and hospitality, there is a great deal of people working on it.”

Coulthard will drive the Red Bull out of his temporary Belfast City Hall garage for the first of three show runs at 8 pm on Saturday evening. It’s an event you won’t want to miss as Coulthard admitted he’ll be “demonstrating the starting capabilities of a Grand Prix car.” So wrap up warm and make sure to watch out for some Formula 1 burnouts!

Adam Hall


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