Gavin White: The hard work paid off in the end

Leading Queen’s Formula Racing in 2018 was a difficult task. Off the back of a good result the previous year, QFR was expanding with a greater push on strengthening QFR’s status in the Formula Student world.

The man tasked with managing the team was final-year Mechanical Engineering student, Gavin White. Now graduated and having led the team to yet another great Formula Student result at Silverstone last weekend Gavin has written the following piece to sign off as QFR Team Leader.

“Finishing ninth place at Formula Student UK was an incredible achievement for the team against extremely stiff competition from around the world. As a relatively small team with a much tighter budget, we really proved that doing the basics right is more than enough to compete with the world’s best teams.”

“Not only did we overachieve in our final position but we also had the most fun doing it. The team really embraced the camping experience and made the most of the Formula Student traditions at night time, winning the highly competitive Funkyball competition and the unofficial best craic award.

“On top of this, we also won the Communications Award thanks to a massive effort by Adam Hall who drastically improved our presence on social media and even got us articles in the national newspaper and on BBC Sport. Without Adam, we would never have won this award and I’m sure most of the people who follow the team online have noticed his work.”


“All of our success wouldn’t have been possible though without a team of extremely talented engineers who have worked tirelessly throughout the year. The QFR 2018 team really developed through the year and there’s not a single team member that I wouldn’t want to work with again in the future.

“A special mention though needs to be made to the Assistant Team Leader, Ryan Wilson, who went above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of the team and the car build even through his own exams.

“This year, for me personally, was extremely challenging managing the project while completing my final year of my Master’s degree. Despite all the early mornings, late nights and stress it was all worth it for the amount I learned and the people I’ve met. If I could do it all over again I would in a heartbeat.

“I’d like to make a special thanks to the workshop managers Richard Gault and Wesley McKeown who have really coached me through the last couple of years and have always went out of their way to support me and the team turning our virtual models into a world-class racecar.

“Also thanks to the other university lecturers, administration staff and technicians for helping me and team throughout the year, sometimes staying in university late and unpaid to help us finish the car. It has been very much appreciated.

“I wish the rest of the QFR team all the best in the future and I can’t wait for a reunion in years to come!”



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