Formula Student diary: Halfway there but the best is yet to come

Two days down, two to go. Friday was the day for Queen’s Formula Racing to finish all the static events and complete scrutineering for Formula Student UK. There were a few nervous moments but the team got there, now it’s time to concentrate on the four dynamic events.

Up early and first in the queue for scrutineering, QFR’s top mechanics had QFR18 through the stationary checks before 9 am. The car was then quickly transferred back to the garage in time for the design and cost presentations.  That was my cue to get a fry at the paddock cafe.

With the static presentations out of the way, QFR set its focus on finishing the remaining three parts of scrutineering. First off was the tilt test – tipping the car to 60 degrees with Roger Dawson strapped in the driver’s seat. Confessing he was bracing himself on the brake pedal, the team’s lead driver was glad to get back onto solid ground!

As other teams began to move through scrutineering the queues for the noise and brake tests started to build up. The first attempt at the noise test didn’t go to plan, failing at idle QFR had to go to the back of the queue, make some adjustments to the engine mapping and try again. After a nervous wait QFR18 passed its second attempt with flying colours, much to the relief of the whole team.

The final hurdle to clear was the brake test. The front-left wheel struggled to lock up at first try but after a bit of tweaking to the brake system, Jack Wilson was able to lock all four wheels in the prescribed area, receiving the thumbs-up from the two judges.

A trip to the practice area allowed drivers, Ryan Wilson and Keith Greer, some more seat time ahead of tomorrow’s three dynamic events. First off will be acceleration and skid pad events, followed by the sprint event in the afternoon.

Watch out for updates over the weekend as the competition really starts to ramp up.

One final mention has to go to Sapienza Corse from Rome, Italy. The carbon fibre, four-wheel drive Formula Student car was rocking some ridiculous stealth styling. A sight to behold on another sunny day at Silverstone.


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