Formula Student diary: Settling in and scrutineering headaches

Scrutineering was the word of the day on Thursday at Formula Student UK. Queen’s Formula Racing’s mechanics had the unenviable task of presenting QFR18 to the stringent set of scrutineers at Silverstone’s National Paddock.

With the static inspection around 75% complete, tomorrow’s aim will be to complete scrutineering along with the brake, noise and tilt tests.

For me, the day began at 4 am with a short trip to Belfast City Airport. Driving through Belfast on the dawn of 12 July is an interesting experience. Google “Belfast bonfires” if you’re unsure of what I am talking about.

Six hours and 400 miles later we arrived at a sunny Silverstone. Once the tent was put up and the sun cream was slashed on it was time to hit the Formula Student paddock.

It was the first time I had seen QFR’s competitors in person. It’s pretty difficult to explain the variation in Formula Student designs – from full F1-styled carbon fibre aerodynamics to stock car style box-iron rear chassis. And everything in between! (Feel free to place QFR18 wherever you like).

Speaking of QFR18, it was in and out of the garage most of the day. A few technicalities were raised by Formula Student’s scrutineers around lunch time and the mechanics, led by Ryan Newell, were quick on the case of getting the issues resolved. The team spent the afternoon manufacturing and fitting an aluminium sump guard to the underside of the rear chassis.

With the buzz of competing at Silverstone, it is easy to forget your surroundings. Walking through famous corners like Bridge and walking up the National Pit Line it’s a privilege to be able to spend four days on a circuit steeped with history.


It’s bedtime for me, a couple of hours playing football has been a gentle reminder of my lack of fitness. I can only blame Formula Student though for engulfing my spare time this year!



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