Frustration for QFR on final test day

Thursday proved to be a frustrating day at Nutts Corner Circuit for Queen’s Formula Racing. Plans to complete a full endurance simulation and acceleration runs were cut short due to an electrical failure on QFR18.

Side pods were installed onto the 2018 Formula Student challenger for the first time and QFR18 successfully passed a dummy scrutineering session and brake test.

With a 300-metre endurance track laid out at Nutts Corner, drivers Adam Hall and Roger Dawson prepared for a full endurance simulation. The running was only to last half a lap as QFR18 came to a halt and unable to restart due to a drained battery.

The remainder of the day was spent getting to the bottom of the issue which is now resolved. Unfortunately for QFR another opportunity to get a full day of track testing is looking unlikely as the car is shipped to Silverstone on Tuesday. However, the team know that such an issue is much easier overcome a week before the competition than during the race weekend itself.

“It was apparent from the diagnostics data that the recharging circuit of the car was not working,” explained Gavin White. “Closer inspection found that an incorrectly pinned relay prevented the battery from charging.”

With QFR18 fixed and ready to go whether or not the team will get to test it again before the competition remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though, Formula Student will make you tackle issues like this head on which is experience that can’t be taught in a lecture room.

Each problem faced is another challenge to overcome. As usual all hands are on deck to make sure QFR is as well prepared as possible for next weekend’s competition.

QFR would like to thank its partner, Nutts Corner Circuit, for its help in providing the team with a top-quality track to test at throughout the year.


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