QFR announces Formula Student drivers

On Monday afternoon Queen’s Formula Racing Team Leader, Gavin White, announced the team’s six drivers for Formula Student 2018. Selected after a series of karting sessions at Nutts Corner Circuit, the team is confident that their abilities behind the wheel will maximise QFR’s performance at Silverstone.

Roger Dawson was announced as the team’s lead driver, competing in the crucial sprint and endurance events.

“I have always enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells that you experience at a motorsport event,” said Roger. “The adrenaline you get while driving a car at speed is nothing short of being addictive.”

“The sprint and endurance events are both very technical events, which will require the car to be quick and agile.

“I’ll need good car control to navigate the tight and tricky track layout at speed.

“Consistency will also be key, especially in the endurance event.”

“At the minute, I have a mixture of excitement and nerves! I’m really looking forward to representing Queen’s University through motorsport though.”

Alongside Roger, will be his third-year classmate, Adam Hall. Adam will compete in the endurance event and believes that feeling comfortable with the handling of QFR18 will be essential to getting the best result in July.

“I’m no stranger to motorsport, following rallying around Ireland for years but this will be the first competitive role I’ve had in the sport,” explained Adam. “I was at Silverstone last year watching Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes sweep through the Beckett’s complex, I can’t believe I’ll be racing on the same circuit in a couple of weeks.”

“I’ve took a Ford Escort Mk2 out a few times but I don’t think having fun going sideways will be on the menu during the endurance event in QFR18!

“I’m actually on a summer placement as well so I hope I get enough time testing the car before the event.

“It’s hard to know what to expect but I am just going to put the head down, push for the best time and enjoy it as much as I can.”

The two drivers for the skid pad event will be Jack Easson and Keith Greer, perhaps the event that let QFR down last year. Jack knows all about the QFR18’s set-up as he formed part of the team that redesigned its suspension geometry in a bid for a better performance at this year’s skid pad event.

Jack and Keith weren’t far behind on the karting timesheets and the team are fortunate to have a healthy number of fast young drivers.

Tackling the acceleration run this year will be Jack Wilson and Ryan Wilson.

“I’ve had lots of racing experience, I’ve raced motocross since I was 15 all over Ireland and parts of mainland UK,” said Jack. “For me, competing on something you’ve prepared or made yourself gives great satisfaction. That and winning of course!”

“The acceleration event is a straight-line dash.

“The launch control settings on the car means that you basically hold the throttle wide open, dump the clutch and the car takes care of the rest.

“But we’re hoping to do some testing to see whether a better time is attainable unaided.”

QFR Assistant Team Leader, Ryan, will get his first taste of Formula Student competition in July.

“I’m excited but nervous as well,” said Ryan. “We have a good chance of winning having won the event last year so there’s a bit of pressure.”


Driver profiles:

Roger Dawson

Age: 22

Hometown: Holywood

Formula Student event: Sprint and Endurance

Favourite racing driver: Daniel Ricciardo or Kris Meeke

Experience: Autotest and Hillclimb – MG MGB

Adam Hall

Age: 22

Hometown: Armagh

Formula Student event: Endurance

Favourite racing driver: Ayrton Senna

Experience: Rallying (non-competitive) – Ford Escort Mk2

Jack Easson

Age: 21

Hometown: Lisburn

Formula Student event: Skid Pad

Experience: Virtual simulator racing

Keith Greer

Age: 23

Hometown: Tandragee

Formula Student event: Skid Pad

Experience: Autotest and karting

Jack Wilson

Age: 23

Hometown: Dromore

Formula Student event: Acceleration

Favourite racing driver: Kris Meeke

Experience: Motocross and Lane Rallies

Ryan Wilson

Age: 23

Hometown: Belfast

Formula Student event: Acceleration

Favourite racing driver: Colin McRae

Experience: Karting

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