QFR18 makes its track debut

On Monday afternoon Queen’s Formula Racing tested its latest Formula Student challenger on track for the first time. After nine months designing, manufacturing and assembling the single-seater racecar the whole team was relieved to see it running smoothly at Nutts Corner Circuit.

Earlier that day QFR18 was scrutineered at Queen’s University Belfast to ensure it was race-ready, making the process as close to that of the Formula Student competition. Passing other checks at the track such as the noise test, the car was put through its paces for a few hours.

“Monday marked a major milestone in the development of QFR18,” said Gavin White. “After weeks of assembly followed by a week of subsystem validation, we took the car to the track to ensure that our design loads covered the worst-case scenarios.”

“The mindset going into the day was ‘if the car is going to break, we want it to break now to give us time to fix it’ but thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

“The engine ran at nominal conditions which allowed us to really put the car through its paces under heavy cornering and braking.

“With confidence in the car we are now taking a couple of weeks to focus on the finishing touches, such as the bodywork and ensuring full compliance with the Formula Student rule book.

“The team will also be working hard this week ahead of the cost report submission next Monday which coincides with the official unveiling of QFR18.

“That will be followed by four or five more track tests to tune the suspension set-up and train the drivers leading up to the competition.”

There is less than one month remaining before QFR travels to Silverstone for Formula Student 2018. The team will continue to keep up its momentum, putting the final pieces into place ahead of its official launch and then shift onto a new phase of pre-event testing.

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