QFR partners with recruitment specialist Vickerstock

Queen’s Formula Racing is delighted to announce its partnership with Vickerstock for Formula Student 2018. The deal is essential for the team to fund the cost of bringing 25 students to the competition in England. Vickerstock’s expertise in engineering recruitment also brings an additional benefit to the students at Queen’s University Belfast as they seek to find the best placement and graduate roles available.

Vickerstock describes its business as being solutions led which has brought an enviable list of clients, offering some of the most exciting and challenging posts across the spectrum. With its head office in Belfast’s Harbour area, Vickerstock will provide a great link for the students with the opportunity to receive professional career guidance ahead of entering the engineering industry.

Director of Vickerstock, Darren McVicker said,

“Vickerstock exists to provide a link between engineering firms and available talent.  Connecting with and supporting students in higher education is part of our ongoing strategy to increase reach with both current and future engineers.

“We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Queen’s Formula Racing team.  It’s fantastic to see so many young engineers working together on such a fun and engaging project. Our goal at Vickerstock is to promote engineering and engineers at all levels, and we feel it is especially important to provide support for young, local engineers who are just starting out on their careers.

“We were very excited to see the excellent CAD drawings created by the students for this year’s design and watching the physical car come together has been brilliant.

“I am looking forward to seeing them race at Silverstone and everyone at Vickerstock wishes the team well for the race week in July.”


Dr Geoff Cunningham from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast is the driving force behind the project and said,

“Formula Student is an ideal project to excite students about engineering and to prepare them for a future career in engineering. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Vickerstock, one of our top local engineering recruitment specialists.

“Vickerstock and the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering will work together to support the Formula Student team as they transition from study to graduate employment and become future leaders in our vibrant engineering industry.”

QFR’s team leader Gavin White has been involved in the deal from the outset and is delighted to have an enthusiastic sponsor onboard.

“I have been a member of Queen’s Formula Student team for the past two years, during which the team went from 80th in the 2016 event, to 7th in the 2017 event,” said Gavin. “The competition is an excellent way for myself, and the other 40 plus engineering students to put into practise theory we learn at University in a fun and highly competitive environment.

“In my time as a member of team I’ve learnt an incredible amount about ‘real world’ engineering, where manufacturing processes, tooling and assembly methods have to be considered. This is extremely valuable and my experience in the team has prepared me for my first graduate job.

“Thanks to the partnership from Vickerstock myself and the team will be able to go to the competition without the financial burden of travel, accommodation and teamwear. Although this is my last year a member of the team, I hope this partnership can continue for many years to come to give other students the same incredible experience that I have got.”

QFR looks forward to its partnership with Vickerstock and hopes it can motivate the team to continue its push for success at Formula Student 2018. Be sure to have a look at Vickerstock’s wide-ranging portfolio of jobs on its website, vickerstock.co.uk, and follow its social media platforms for up-to-date job opportunities throughout a range of industries.

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