QFR18 is alive

For the last three weeks, Queen’s Formula Racing has been aiming to run QFR18 on the dyno so a variety of new components could be tested well in advance of the Formula Student competition. After a few leaks and loose connections, finally today, the new engine was successfully installed, running up to temperature and idled consistently. 

“This is a major stepping stone towards track testing as it proves the successful design of many new systems,” said Gavin White. “Especially the electrical harness which has been the source of many reliability issues for QFR in the past.”

“To speed this powertrain testing up, the chassis components were prioritised over the suspension parts. A small team has been building a wiring loom and after a full day of testing and calibration, today we finally started and ran the car on the dyno.”

QFR has upgraded almost all the auxiliary powertrain components including the fuel tank, dry sump tank, oil pipes and the coolant system.

Now, the suspension will be assembled onto the car with the aim of having a rolling chassis by the end of the week. The last parts to be manufactured are the nosecone and sidepod covers which have proved time-consuming due to the composite lay-up.

QFR plans to begin track testing within the next fortnight. The team needs to validate new suspension geometries and begin tuning the 2018 car at Nutts Corner Circuit. A karting day will decide the competition drivers who will have some time to adjust and find the ultimate performance of QFR18.

With the mechanical build of the car almost complete, today marked a turning point for the team with a greater focus now placed on static events. The team has been split up into smaller teams of four to six people as preparation for the design, cost and business events begins. The static events have been identified as a big area of improvement and they make up a high portion of the points available at the competition.

Check out the engine’s first fire-up, much to the team’s enjoyment!

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