QFR focusing on new car build

It seems some time since Queen’s Formula Racing started planning the design of its 2018 Formula Student challenger back in September. Through that time 25 projects have been completed and the team has grown to 45 members. Now, with just two months to the annual competition at Silverstone, the team has re-grouped after the exam period to build QFR18.

QFR18 currently sits as a painted spaceframe chassis. All the main components have been manufactured and it is now a case of adding each sub-assembly to the chassis one at a time. Over the next couple of days it is hoped that the car’s wiring will be completed. This has been a source of trouble in the past so it is crucial to complete this part of the car as soon as possible.

While the rest of the car is being built, the four unsprung mass corners will be assembled with the suspension planned to be added to the car next week. Another selection of parts will be anodised over the rest of the week.

The car may be assembled by the end of next week but there is still some design work being carried out in the background. The suspension has been manufactured from steel due to considerable design change this year but carbon fibre components are currently being investigated with the opportunity to be added to the car after the opening test period. Other parts being optimised are throttle bodies and sprockets.

Formula Student isn’t just judged on the track but there are also static events to prepare for. Over the next two months, the team will complete a cost report containing around 1000 costed components which will align the CAD assembly to the actual car. Preparation for the business and design presentations will be carried out nearer to the competition. Good progress with the car build and test programme will give the business and design teams a better opportunity to prepare for these static events.

Beyond the build deadline of the end of May, the team is planning to unveil QFR18 at the start of June. The launch will be followed by a series of track tests at Nutts Corner Circuit. Ontrack time will be crucial throughout June to not only find the optimum car set-up but to train the drivers that will pilot the car at Silverstone.

Adam Hall

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