QFR update

With the exams now coming to an end the assembly of QFR18 will begin on Monday. 95% of parts have already been manufactured.
Manufactured parts include:
  • Uprights
  • Hubs
  • Wishbones
  • Pull-rods
  • Rockers
  • Anti-roll bars
  • Fuel tank
  • Dry sump tank
  • Seat
  • Floor panels

Before assembly, steel components like the wishbones will be black oxidised to protect them from corrosion. One advantage of black oxidising is that its thickness is negligible so it won’t affect the limits and fits applied to the suspension components.

Most members of the team are finishing off their exams this week giving us the opportunity to put a lot of time into the assembly of the car ahead of track testing at the start of next month.

The team has also been in talks with a local company regarding sponsorship to cover this year’s expenses, details of which should be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Keep in touch with the team over the next two months as we prepare for Formula Student 2018.

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