Easter update

With summer fast approaching Queen’s Formula Racing are making a big drive to complete manufacturing in time for testing ahead of Formula Student UK. Our current schedule, although running a couple of days late, should have the 2018 car almost complete for the end of the Easter break. This will allow the whole team to enjoy a well-deserved five-week break while we revise and complete our summer exams. For most students these will be their final exams, making up a significant portion of their degree.

We’re now three days into a three-week Easter break and over 20 members of the 45-person team have come in to help with various jobs. As we have no class during this time, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick up projects missed throughout the year. Some of the main projects that we are completing over Easter are:

  • Building a new wiring loom for the ’18 car complete with inbuilt data collection lines.
  • Running the engine on the dyno to resolve cold start and idle issues.
  • Manufacture of our main composite components including the seat and front nose cone.
  • Final design and manufacture of the suspension jig that will position all suspension tabs to within 1 mm accuracy.
  • Preparing the workshop for the ’18 car build including the stripping last year’s car for parts.
  • Completing the styling and colour scheme for the car ahead of our spring unveiling.

Since September many members of the team have been completing academic projects based on QFR18. Now, a lot of the parts designed through these projects are being manufactured by our in-house workshop.

The key improvements have been:

  • Suspension jig which now guarantees the accuracy of the suspension hardpoint locations to within 1 mm.
  • Reduced suspension compliance through the methodical design of the clearance between every suspension part interface.
  • A host of optimised components reducing the overall mass of the vehicle by more than 5 kg.
  • Improved steering geometry to reduce play and make the steering lighter.
  • A new ergonomic seat to properly support the driver.

I and the rest of the team are very excited to complete the build of QFR’s latest Formula Student challenger and we can’t wait to get on track testing. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see regular updates of the manufacture of the car.

Thanks for your support!


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