Persistence pays off in QFR17’s final test

Wednesday marked the final track day for QFR17, the same car that finished seventh in Formula Student UK last July.

Queens Formula Racing’s third track day since the competition was hindered by an electrical connection issue as well as a fuel leak. The test team’s persistence was rewarded as they got the car running in the afternoon with Jamie Gardiner behind the wheel.

The aim of the track day was to collect track findings for a data acquisition and analysis final year project. Data recorded for the project included:

  • Lateral, longitudinal and vertical accelerations
  • Spring displacement (bump, droop, and roll)
  • Steering, brake and throttle position
  • All engine data including instantaneous power production
  • Steering column strain
  • Wishbone and chassis strain

The data will be used to aid the development of the 2018 car. Although most of the ‘18 car has already been designed, the data will allow for the verification of hand calculations and finite element analysis performed by team members.

The early morning setbacks meant that the team was unable to trial updates to the car. One development that was hoped to be trialed was an improved engine MAP for the endurance event. This powertrain development has incorporated cylinder deactivation into the 600cc Yamaha R6 engine. However, QFR will have to wait until the 2018 car’s initial tests to introduce the update.

“Although somewhat frustrating for the team, we all learned more about the car at the track day,” said QFR team leader, Gavin White.

“The test couldn’t have taken place without the patience of QUB technician Troy Patterson and QFR partner, Nutts Corner Circuit.”

QFR will now shift its focus to the Easter break when it’s planned for the 2018 car to be assembled and static tests to begin.

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