Queen’s Formula Racing is now in the transition phase to incorporate electric drive into the car. The aim is to run a QFR-E car at Formula Student 2020.

Technical specifications:

  • Four hub-mounted motors provide 37kW and 21 Nm at each wheel,
  • Single gear ratio of 15:1
  • The accumulator (battery) will be a hybrid of lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide and lithium graphene polymer cells running at 590V
  • Early models indicate a 75m acceleration time of 3.9s
  • Currently in the design phase
  • Aiming towards the development of a Simulink vehicle model for simulation, the design of in-hub planetary gearboxes and an accumulator

Darryl Doyle, Electric team member:

“I think the most interesting part is the four-wheel-drive system using four individually geared hub-mounted motors. This effectively replaces the differential allowing control over the amount of torque being delivered to each wheel, opening up the possibility to improve handling via torque vectoring, maximise grip and recover maximum energy through regenerative braking. The accumulator and gearboxes are being designed in-house by Connor McShane and Gavin White respectively, with assistance on the gearbox from Ricardo and on the battery array management system (BAMS) from Digital Array Control Systems (DACS).”

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