2006 was Queen’s Formula Racing’s chance to unleash the potential of upgrades made to the car the year previous. With 12 months to develop the car following disappointment in ’05, the team achieved a strong result of third in the United Kingdom.


Competition results:

  • 3rd in UK
  • 8th Overall
  • 2nd in acceleration event
  • 2nd in design

Technical specifications:

  • Tubular space-frame chassis, mild steel
  • Aluminium rear subframe
  • Fully stressed engine
  • Yamaha YZFR6 600cc
  • Double wishbone, pull-rod suspension
  • Adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Twin outboard brake discs front and rear
  • Wilwood single pot calipers
  • Adjustable brake bias
  • Full engine management
  • Multi-point fuel injection
  • Bespoke intake and exhaust
  • Modified camshafts
  • Full throttle up-shift
  • Launch control

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